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Bomb defusal is risky business, but Red Wire allows you to experience the tension and puzzle-solving challenge of this complex undertaking, without any of the risk.

⌘ Progress through the ranks in Star Mode from Lieutenant to General, unlocking more challenging bombs and saving lives.

⌘ Play a random bomb, or enter a specific bomb code to play one you've tried previously or one suggested by a friend.

⌘ Bomb links shared online ( e.g. bomb://wA+WlU ) will automatically open in Red Wire.

Each wire in the bomb has a wire color and a flow color. You'll need to work out which color flows through each wire using the mixing table in your toolkit. Once that task is accomplished, you must cut each wire according to the priority table. Cut all the wires in the correct order to defuse the bomb, save lives and be on the way to a promotion.

Cut the wrong wire or let the time run out and...well, you know what happens.

But unlike real life, you can always try again in Red Wire.

See http://calculatorgames.info/rwexample.html for a detailed example of the bomb defusal process in Red Wire.

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